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Postdoc UCD en llengua catalana

30 juny 2023

Des de la UCD (Irlanda) estan cercant un nou investigador postdoctoral en llengua catalana per al seu projecte “Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020”:

UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 1, School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore, 16 months (Start date 1st September 2023)

Applications are invited for a temporary post of a UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 within School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore.

This Postdoctoral Researcher will work on the ERC project ‘Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020’ under the supervision of Associate Professor Ríona Nic Congáil as the Principal Investigator (PI). The position will focus on youth engagement in the Catalan language and it will offer the opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking project on the intersection between European youth and the preservation of minority or regional European languages in the period since 1900.
The successful candidate will have a background in sociolinguistics and will be part of a research team that will study the attitudes of youths towards the Catalan, Irish and Welsh languages. Among their tasks, the successful candidate will organise a series of workshops through which they will gather the views and ideas of youths themselves, so as to establish how youths perceive their role within regional language preservation.
The successful candidate will be guided by Associate Professor Nic Congáil and will be expected to take the lead in developing research to be targeted at top international journals. Authorship will be attributed appropriately, and in line with the project. The successful candidate will also be expected to disseminate research at international conferences and workshops. The team will work together through online communication and also regular face to face meetings. This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.
This is an academic research role, where you will conduct a specified programme of research supported by research training and development under the supervision and direction of a Principal Investigator.
The primary purpose of the role is to further develop your research skills and competences, including the processes of publication in peer-reviewed academic publications, the development of funding proposals, the mentorship of graduate students along with the opportunity to develop your skills in research led teaching.
Funded by the European Research Council Grant Agreement number: 802695 – YEELP H2020-ERC-2018-STG 
Post Doc Level 1 Fixed Salary: €42,033 per annum
Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 10th July 2023
Applications must be submitted by the closing date and time specified. Any applications which are still in progress at the closing time of 17:00hrs (Local Irish Time) on the specified closing date will be cancelled automatically by the system. UCD are unable to accept late applications.
UCD do not require assistance from Recruitment Agencies. Any CV’s submitted by Recruitment Agencies will be returned.

The PD1 position is intended for early stage researchers, either just after completion of a PhD or for someone entering a new area for the first time. If you have already completed your PD1 stage in UCD or will soon complete a PD1, or you are an external applicant whose total Postdoctoral experience, inclusive of the duration of the advertised post, would exceed 4 years, you should not apply and should refer to PD2 posts instead.

No cal tenir coneixements de llengua irlandesa per presentar-s’hi, i podeu anar a la seva pàgina web (https://www.ucd.ie/workatucd/jobs/) per a més informació.